Odyssey of Osiris.


The Truth behind the Angels creation was something only a few people knew about.

Eras upon eras ago, in a time when the heavens were only a passive manifestation of Order a man rose from the ashes of blood and war. This man was born with the Innate essence Of Heavenly order. An essence which at the time was rarer than anything else and was considered to be a sign of Divinity by the common people.

His name was Deodar. Despite his mind-breaking talents, his path was full of pain, suffering, and violence. Every day was a constant battle against the world itself. The other cultivators wanted to refine his talent to increase his own and the world wanted to destroy him in fear of what he could become, but in the end, he persisted and surpassed all his adversaries. The adversity he faced during his rise profoundly changed him and transformed into a cold man capable of doing anything to reach his goals.

While at the top, gazing at all existing life without an ounce of emotion, a thought appeared within his mind.

”What If I became God? ”

This was during a time when the strongest cultivators that existed had only reached the Tier of saints, it was during a time of rapid growth and development.

As soon as this thought sprouted within his mind he became obsessed with it. He began cultivating the concept of True heavenly Order and pushed it to its absolute limit and eventually broke the imposed limit of the natural. Even with this success, he continued pushing his understanding of it until he completely consumed it and was the sole incarnation of it. As one of the first few cultivators to completely devour and comprehend a natural concept his power within the realms was unmatched and he quickly suppressed every possible opposition to his rule as the one and only God. In his made quest for control, he killed every single cultivator that existed and separated the plane of the living from the plane of the spiritual, essentially removing any possible source of energy from the plane.

This era is usually referred to as the era of ”Mortal Imprisonment. ”

Having reached the summit of power within his plane, he sought to find more and conquer more but there was nothing left. So he traveled the countless planes in existence in search of life to dominate and conquer but he could not find anything. Until he found a strange race within a plane called ”Paradis ”.

These beings were incredibly strange. They were all born with pure white or black wings and possessed bodies that seemed to be carved by the heavens themselves. From birth, these beings possessed raw power rivaling the strongest saints and had natural comprehension of The heavenly laws of order. They seemed to be created after the very concept of the heavens. But that wasn what attracted Deodar.

Inside their souls, they had special celestial constructs they called ”paradises. ” These constructs were completely independent of existence and could do mind-breaking things.

They didn know how to properly wield it yet the results were astounding. A newborn could practically destroy him.

Instead of despairing, he rejoiced. This was an opportunity to grow and surpass the tier of saints. So he sealed his cultivation and then possessed the body of a young child within one of their tribes. Slowly over time, he continued studying their constitution while simultaneously gaining fame within their tribe.

Just as he was about to fully control the tribe something happened. 8 beings of supreme and undeniable strength locked unto him. Even as a seasoned war veteran and cultivator that had spent eons struggling and fighting he had never felt such dread in his entire life. These beings calmly gazed at him with a simple blink undid his camouflage and revealed his true self to everyone. But this wasn the end for Deodar.

His research on the paradise constructs had reached an incredibly deep level. The only reason why he hadn changed his cultivation foundation was because he wanted to fully understand the intricacies of the construct before taking the step but now he had no choice.

His body exploded with power and spread throughout the whole paradis plane and completely engulfed it before absorbing all of the essence created by the plane within his soul. With all this paradis essence he had gathered he could create the purest and mightiest paradise but he had to hurry.

Before the 8 divine beings could even react they were all bound by chains that seemed to come from their very souls.

{Seraphic progenitor.}

This was the title he was granted by the paradise Plane itself as an incredibly pure and vast authority descended upon deodar as his complexion changed. His previous human features disappeared giving him a new body that seemed to be made of the holiest light, his muscles now made of light were covered in strange celestial writing and 16 beautiful white wings sprung out of his back. As he opened his deep golden eyes all seraphs in the surroundings kneeled, even the 8 beings.

Gaining the authority of a plane and becoming its sole ruler is something that normally shouldn be possible but as the incarnation of the Heavenly order itself how could a plane made of heavenly beings possibly deny him?

He squeezed his hands palm and the whole plane and its inhabitants de-materialized and gathered within his hand. He could now control every single aspect that made Paradise Plane. From its most fundamental laws to its most superficial parts, he was in absolute control of everything, even the life forms.

As he gained this new power, a lot of information flooded his soul, and a new plan formed within his mind. A plan that if executed properly could give him endless benefits. A plan that would go on to define the thousands of coming ages.

With a thought, he materialized 8 beings. These were the 8 divine beings that previously ambushed him. When he deconstructed the plane and its life forms he left their souls intact as he saw something special within them, something that even the other angels didn have.

”I want to keep your soul origins pure so I can erase your memory. Ill do this then. ” He said in an emotionless voice.

”[ Sons of samsara: Fated Cycle.] ”

Using his newfound power he cast this new spell. This spell would etch itself onto their soul origins and preserve it every time they reincarnated, it also gave Deodar absolute control over their souls and the secrets contained within them.

”From now on you will be the very extensions of my will. My plans for the plane of living require you guys. Do not worry about life or death as I have transformed you into something that is beyond this. Your first task will be to make sure nothing goes wrong while I fuse the Paradis plane into the plane of the living. ” His words seemed undeniable as the 8 beings simply nodded and kneeled to show respect to their new Ruler and Lord.

The rest was history.


Back in the present time.

Azrael looked at his brothers and sisters who still seemed to be hesitant and afraid of what the consequences of such actions could be.

” You saw the same things I saw. We saw how he treated our people within those memories. Mere tools to be utilized to further his ambitions. You saw the evil he committed during the era of Mortal imprisonment! We have gained our memories back and the seal he has placed on us is no more, tell me brothers in this new age what is truly stopping us ? ” He said trying to convince the only people he could call family.

”Azrael. You know thats not the problem. From the memories, we gained Father is an obsessed perfectionist that seeks to control and conquer everything. He is a being that defined ages upon ages all by himself. You don find it strange that hes still just a saint while he allowed us to surpass that realm eons ago? You don think he wouldve predicted this new coming age and our possible rebellion? What tells you that he didn purposefully release the seal so we get our memories back? ” calmly said Mikael, one of the seven Seraph Kings.

”Yes, older brother does have a point. From the Information, we gathered from all our previous incarnations Father appears to be a very meticulous man. Im afraid fighting against him is pointless as he probably already knows we are having this conversation. ” Added Lilith with a defeated tone.

”Does it matter ? ” answered Azrael as the Smile on his face widened.

”So you guys are willing to follow me as long as we escape his grasp am I right ? ” He said as his grin almost became devilish.

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