”You are right. I am a descendant of the Noble Rowan bloodline, One of the main Bloodlines of the Leading verses. I also am part of the Karys Alliance, A mercenary to be precise. I had no idea a noble being such as yourself existed within this verse please excuse my trespassing. I will immediately give the nodes back. ”Said Johmi while bowing his head to the emperor in an attempt to soothe his possible anger.

”The Emperor has asked you a question. Answer it. ”Said one of the imperial guards while exerting some pressure on Jhomis soul.

While this was happening the Emperor Silently sat back and observed Johmi, keeping his thoughts to himself.

Very interesting. His appearance now cannot be a coincidence not when our preparations are so close to being done. If I had to guess, he is probably a chess piece being used to instill a Karmic debt upon me. But how would he do that? I might be overthinking but lets stay vigilant just in case. The Emperors thoughts happened at frightening speeds as he simultaneously peered at Karmic trends to deduce what kind of trap he was being lured into.

”Its fine Jimo, you can retract your aura. ”Said the Emperor to Jimo one of his imperial Guards.

As the pressure lessened Jhomi was finally able to breathe and regain control of his soul.

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE!!?! Even father can exert such pressure on my soul and now you
e telling me a mere vassal of this emperor almost crushed it without any effort? Where the hell did these bastards send me… if they are this powerful why don they simply search my memory for the answers they are seeking? I can understand anything of whats happening..

”I could very well do that young man but when it comes to beings like you who hold such significant blood ties the best I can do without attracting unwanted attention to my people is read your surface thoughts but thats beside the point. You still haven answered my question. Ill only ask one more time. Why have you come to my empire? ” As the Emperor said this a horrible pressure assaulted the entire throne room and attacked not only Jhomi but all the imperial guards who were struggling to stay straight.

FUCK! FUCK! What does he mean?? I DID NOT CHOOSE TO COME HERE, THEY SENT ME! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY? THINK! THINK!THINK!As all his bones were slowly being reduced to dust and his soul starting to dissipate Jhomi was working in overdrive to find an answer that would satisfy the Emperor.

”E-E..esteemed s-sir please allow m-me to answer your question! ”Shouted Jhomi on his last breath. As soon as those words were uttered the pressure instantly disappeared and he was once again fully healed and bound by chains.

”Hm..no answer from your Clan. So they have sent you here as bait to find me. ”Said the Emperor with a pensive look on his face.

”Mast-Emperor, We shouldve eradicated all the clans from the myriad verses During the first Era of Light. They now dare to send mere mercenaries to bait us. This is an insult to the Throne, an insult to You, my emperor. Allow us to go and enact your will and finally show these people who truly rules the Myriad verses ! ” passionately said Jimo as all the Imperial guards stepped forward as if to show agreement with his words.

”Calm down, Jimo. My true enemies lie far beyond these barren lands. I have told you multiple times to only view this place as a nurturing ground have I not? But do as you wish, My plan will soon be complete so we do not need to hide anymore since we will soon be leaving. Go and enact my so-called ”will ” then. ” Said the Emperor, this time lacking the aura of a Sovereign but using the words and gentleness a father or master would have for his children and disciples.

Joy appeared on the faces of the Imperial guards, which was soon replaced by embarrassment as they realized what had just happened.

”We apologize, dear emperor, we promise not to disappoint you. ” Said all the imperial guards in unison. After this, they immediately departed on their long-awaited conquest.

These kids do like war, They didn even wait. Well, its whatever, Ive been putting them under strict training for the last 20 cycles so I guess this much is fine. Thought the Emperor with a soft doting smile.

Jhomi who was on the ground, half dead, was baffled by this turn of events. What just happened? did he not want me to answer his question? why did the ambiance change so fast? was he tr-Before he could finish his train of thought the Emperor spoke again.

”Alright now, come out. ”

Silence permeated through the room as Jhomi started trembling in fear under the Emperors Cold and Divine Gaze.

”This was a very well-constructed trap If I am to be honest. Use my disciples and their desire for war as a proxy to impose a karmic debt on me and let it brew and grow over time so that you extort me. Very well made kid. ” Said the Emperor as he slowly stood up from his throne, showcasing his Imposing frame of muscle hidden under his Ethereal Robe.

”But why would you use such a stupid trap on me specifically? Do you not know what my Title was within the Lands of Genesis? ” As he said those words the Emperor was slowly descending the long Golden stairs that separated them.

”Still nothing? Do I have to kill this child for you to come out ? ” said the Emperor as he instantly vanished and reappeared floating above the near-destroyed body of Jhomi.

”Fine. Don touch the kid, I need him. ”Said an angered voice coming from Jhomis body.

A few seconds later dark energy started leaking from all of Jhomis Orifices as he seemed to have passed out. The energy gathered and formed a dark and Gloomy silhouette with only two bone-chilling emerald eyes to be seen.

”What does this so-called Emperor wish to tell me ? ” Said the Dark silhouette with a mocking tone.

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