Unlimited Items Shop System

Unlimited Items Shop System

”Brother, ”

A sweet voice enter Ye Kais ear, as he look over and saw a cute girl around 10 years, her hair reaches her shoulders, her pure big eyes, and a huge smile on her lips showing pure white teeth, she runs over to him, and hug him, and rubs her head in his stomach.

”Minger, how are you? ”

Ye Kai similes and pat her back, this small girls name is Ye Ming, and Ye Kais little sister, her age is 10 years old, Ye Kai knows she is small, so he would wait for her to grow before he will do anything sexual with her, although he would die before that, thinking about this isn harmful.

”Come here you two, and eat your breakfast, ”

Ye Nuan call them, and Ye Kai and Ye Ming go over there and sit down on a chair, at a table, and there is some food, and they start eating.

”So… What should we do today? ”

Ye Nuan asks, from the moment Ye Ming was born, they three spend their time together, and at breakfast, they decided what they should do in their day.

”Lets go park, ”

Ye Ming shouts as she points her fork up in the sky.

”Minger put down your fork, behave yourself, ”

Ye Nuans eyebrows rise, glares at Ye Ming, and says, Ye Ming, shrinks her neck as she nods, and silently eats.

Whenever Ye Ming behaves like that, Ye Nuan at first teaches her with love and gently, but seeing no effect, Ye Nuan starts scolding her, and yes, scolding has an effect, now Ye Ming behaves way nice than before.

”Lets go park today and when we return, we should eat uncle meat, pork, ”

Ye Kai says, and Ye Ming becomes happy, a huge smile plasters on her face, she gets down from the chair and hugs Ye Kai, and kisses him on the cheek.

”Brother is the best, ”

Ye Ming says happily, then glances at Ye Nuan and pouts, Ye Nuan looks at her daughter and sighs, its not like she is refusing to go park, she is just saying that she shouldn point her fork up in the sky.

Ye Nuan from the moment she starts scolding her, Ye Ming becomes too close to her brother and spend more time with him than her, Ye Nuan looks at her daughter and son and smiles, whatever there are her children and she loves them.

After they three went out and walk to the park, the park was made by Ye Kais fathers first wife, Ye Yan, and this park become a place for everyone to come relax, and for children to play.

This park is big, with small grass growing, and a fountain in the center of the park, where some elderly men and women sit.

”Yaaayyyyy, ”

Ye Ming shouts, and runs towards the fountain, Ye Kai looks at her, shaking his head, he and his mother walked towards the fountain.

Ye Ming reaches the fountain, she puts her hand forwards in the fountain as cold water touches her hand, her big eyes marveling and a smile on her face.

Elderly people looked at Ye Ming and smiled, saying how cute she is, soon Ye Nuan and Ye Kai reaches there, and they two talked with the elders, while Ye Ming run toward her friends and play with them.

Noon arrives, sun in the head, Ye Kai, his sister, and mother go to uncle meat to eat after they go back house to study.

Studying is important in life, learning about the Kingdom they live in, how many Cities the Kingdom has, what Cities are important and how currency works, how many Martial Artist Realm there is, and what City what level of Martial Artist resident, what thing you need to know for survive in the world and all Noble who lives, so you won offend them and bring disaster because of your ignorance.

And todays study is special because today is a test for Ye Ming.

This Green City didn have any school, as such Ye Nuan teach his children about the Kingdom, Ye Kai long ago graduated from her mothers school, and today is a test for Ye Ming and if Ye Ming gave correct answers then she will graduate as well.

Ye Nuan sit on a chair, in a straight posture, her hands folded in her lap, she looked at Ye Ming across her sitting chair, in a loose posture.

”Sit straight, ”

Ye Nuan sternly says as Ye Ming sits straight, putting her hands in her lap like her mother, but fidgeting her fingers, she nervously looks at the corner of the room.

She sees her brother, leaning against the walls, he smiles and looks at her, he gives her tumps up, his mouth slightly open saying something in a low voice.

”All the best, ”

Ye Ming did not hear, but she understands and nods, and then turns her head and looks at her mother.

”Ready, ”

Ye Ming nods,

”Then, the first question what is our Kingdom name, ”

”Dark Regial Kingdom, ”

”Good, second question is how many Cities does our Kingdom has, and what Cities are important to our Kingdom, ”

”We have sixteen Cities, and Capital City, Dark Sky City, and Flower Blossom City are the most powerful and important Cities to our Kingdom, ”

After Ye Nuan asked many questions like, what the most powerful noble family in the Kingdom is, who his King and Queen is, how many Cubcuaine King have, how many Son and Daughters the King has, who the Crown Prince is, and all Masters of the City.

”Ye Cai is master of Green City, ”

Ye Ming answers, Ye Cai is the father of Ye Kai and Ye Ming. He is also the husband of Ye Nuan, he is the Master of Green City, a Master is someone who governs the City, collects the taxes, and makes the City more prosperous.

”First test you pass, take a break then we start the second test, ” Ye Nuan smile and says.

Ye Ming sighs a relief, letting her body lose.

”Didn I say, stay straight, ”

Ye Ming gets straight at the sudden voice of her mother, she looks at her mother and notices her glare, but then she softly laughs, seeing this Ye Ming lose her body, and comfortably sat on a chair, she saw her brother bringing water, and she drinks two glass water before the second phase of test strat.

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