Unlimited Items Shop System

Some wish I want to complete before I die

[Mothers 5×]

[Sisters 6×]

[Sister-in-Laws 5×]

[Auntie 4×]

Ye Kai saw this and his cheeks got a little red, embarassed because all twenty of these women are in his family

My father has 5 wives, so 5 mothers with 6 daughters, 3 older and 3 younger. His mothers also had 6 sons, 1 is unmarried, the other five have more than three wives. So the system just selected the best wives of my brothers. His mother and father also had two sisters, making four aunties.

Ye Kai sighed, but inwardly he felt excitement, excitement about his new life.

[Beginner Pack of Lust System]


Ye Kai saw, and he excitedly said yes.

[Congratulations! You got a 3× Aphrodisiac Drop]

[Congratulations! You got a 3× Apology Card]

[Congratulations! You got a Free Lust System Shop Coupon]

Ye Kai saw this and smiled, first he felt like his little brother had gotten bigger than before. Just to check, he looked down and stretched his pants. Yes, my little brother is bigger.

And then Ye Kai noticed his body or his lifespan didn change, so Lust System only heal his little brother,

”Thank you for healing my little brother, ” Ye Kai said gratefully.

And he has Holy Drop so he didn have any worry about dying young.

And then he saw three Aphrodisiac and Apology Drop, as Aphrodisiac makes a woman arouse, and Apology Drop will make a woman forgive him if he did something indecent.

However, if he raped a woman even God wouldn be able to save him from the wrath of women, let alone this small drop.

After these two is the Free Lust System Shop Coupon. Excited, Ye Kai opens the system shop and saw two options.

Lust System Shop, and Unlimited Items Shop System.

Ye Kai chose Lust System Shop, as many options are open.

[Magical Fingering Master: Your finger will become magical, any woman touched by your finger won able to satisfy herself without you.]

[Golden Bullet: 100% chance for a female child.]

[Incest Seed: Impregnated your mom, sister or daughter, or granddaughter without worrying about genetic defects.]

[Eye of Hypnosis: Hypnosis the woman in doing what you want, (Only sexual thing) ]

[Sensitive Detector: learn a womans most sensitive area to make her feel nine heavens,]

[Weakness Read: Learn a womans weakness to Blackmail her]

[Child mode: turn off and you won able to have a child.]

[Memory Wipe: Erase 1 minutes memory.]

There are more things that Lust System is selling, however, one thing is that all of these items are only worked on Potential Woman, and all of these items are sex-related.

Not that Ye Kai minds much, now he is thinking about what woman he should choose first, after thinking, he decides he should start with his mother, Ye Nuan, and his sister Ye Ming.

At first Ye Kai wanted his sister to be bigger before he did anything to her. Even though he probably didn have the guts to do so, or he might even die before that. With the Lust System though, he had more guts than ever and he won die as well, so he is confident to make a move on his little sister.

Before he wanted her sister to turn 17 or 18, but now he wanted to ** her before she turns 14.

Because, according to the System, his sister is a Loli, before the System, Ye Kai never knew the word Loli, but after the System, Ye Kai learned a word like Loli, Milf, Tsundere, Kuudere, Yandere, Dandere, Netori, Netorare, Titjob, Thighjob, Anal, Sex Toys.

Ye Kai learned that there is a world called Earth, where people developed many Sex Fetishes and Toys, and he is excited to try all of these Sex Fetishes and Toys in his world, where no one knows.

In Ye Kais world, Heaven Falling Continent, sex is only vaginal sex, and nothing else, here people feel a little disgusting to put a cook in their mouth or lick pussy, so Ye Kai is more excited to teach this world about the wonder of sex.

Oh yeah, I was saying why I wanted to f*ck my sister before she turned 14. The only reason is that the System will give me 2x points if I f*ck my sister before she turns 14 for the Loli title effect; and since she is my sister, I will also gain 2x incest points, making it 4x points.

As for his mother, he will gain Milf 2×, Netori 2×, and Incest 2× which benefits him 6× Points, after all his mother is still married.

But he can gain these benefits only one time, if he kiss a woman, then he would gain 50 points, and if he kiss his mother for the first time then he would gain 300, but when he kiss the second time he gain 50.

Ye Kai thought as he looks his side, he saw his mother hugging his sister, and sleeping peacefully.

What should I buy from the system that could help me?

After some scanning, Ye Kai find a skill that could help him a lot.

[Supreme Acting Skill: Tell a lie with sincere eyes, cry with real tears in your eyes. Show a woman your love and make her fall in an instant. But the Supreme Acting Skill and manipulate any woman get on her knees.

Price: 100000 Lust Point]

Ye Kai looked at the price, it is very expensive, Im glad that I have a coupon, lets buy this.

Ye Kai brought the skill and learn it in one go, his eyes drifted to the clock, right now time is 4:53 Am, and his mother would wake up around 5.

Ye Kai thought as tears come up in his eyes, he rubs his eyes, and his expression becomes sad, his lips tremble slightly, sits on the bed, brings his legs to his chest, hugs them, and lowers his head.

After waiting for a while he heard the voice, he was waiting for.

”Kaier…What happens, ”

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