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Plan to take over Cities.

Ye Kai lifts his head, his eyes teary, he sniffs, and shakes his head.

”Ah…Mo…mother, I…I just had a nightmare, ” Ye Kais voice shake he said.

Ye Nuan saw her son crying, and she immediately got up and put her hands on Ye Kai pulling him into her embrace.

Ye Kai in his mothers embrace hugs her mother and stays there for some moments.

”Mother…will I die, ”

Ye Nuans heard as her body trembled, she tightly hugged Ye Kai, and her eyes become teary, she didn know what should she say, what can she say? You won die, she can say this because its true, he will die in some years, she can say he won , but then what can say? Thinking this her heartache, and tears streamed down.

its my fault, my fault that he was born weak, if I only… only I listen to my sisters, and stayed at home, then he would normal and healthy child, just because of my selfishness he was born weak.

”Kaier…*sob*, Sorry, sorry, it…its my fault… that you were born weak, ” Ye Nuans voice crack as she said.

”No, its not your fault, ” Ye Kai said, he feels bad now, he didn expect his mother would blame herself, his plan was to say that he want fulfill some wishes before he die, and one of these wishes is to sex with her, and he knew his mother would do anything for his happiness, and with little emotional blackmail he can make his mother agree for sex, but why she blames herself for his weak physique.

”Mother, this is not your fault, so don blame yourself, ”

Ye Kai free himself from his mothers embrace and looked at her, he saw tears in his eyes rolling down on cheeks, he wipes the tears, put his arms around her neck, and hug her,

”Its not your fault, ”

”No, its my, its my fault, if…if just, ” Ye Nuans tears dropped, as she cried, she put her head on Ye Kais chest, and hug him tighter said,

”Kaier, you… you know… when I was pre…pregnant, your…your stepmothers take care of me…they were…really nice…I didn have to do anything… I spend my all day thinking about….you…when will you be born and what name I should give…you will be a boy or girl…but…but I get bored and wanted to go out…but your stepmothers won let me…thinking I might fall down or something…I was angry at them…so…so I sneak away…I sneak away and went inside the forest for a walk…and…and I lost my way…I…I, ”

Ye Nuan cried increase as she hug Ye Kai tighter,

”Kaier, I ate poisoned mushrooms and berries because…because I got hungry…I wonder in the forest for two days…two days before…your eldest sister found me…when I return…I return… doctor said…he said…the poisoned mushrooms and berries were harmful to you…and…and you might die before you born…

I was devastated then…I killed my child…my child…That is what I thought…I prayed day to night…so you born…and you born…but…but…Im sorry…Kaier Im sorry… if I wasn got foolish and…and go out the forest…then…then you might born normal…Im sorry, ” Ye Nuan cry harder as she hugs Ye Kai.

”Mother, its okay, I don blame you, and if you can help me, just complete my wishes so I don have any regrets about dying, ” Ye Kai softly said.

Ye Nuan still hugged Ye Kai for a long time, she knew it was her fault that Ye Kai was born weak, can become Martial Artist, and don have friends, she feel this is all her fault, after time she hugged her son before she let him go and look at him.

”Tell me, whatever happens, I will do my best to fulfill all your wishes, ” with a heavy voice she said, she feel pain in her heart to say this but she can do anything, only accept, her son will die, and do whatever to make his son all wish true.

Ye Kai looked at her mother, her eyes is red, still crying.

Just how much she cried, now I feel embarrassed to ask her sexual favor,

Ye Kai wiped the tears from her mothers eyes, and said, ”There are so many wishes I have, mother are you sure you will do whatever it takes to complete my wishes, ”

”Whatever I have to do, I will do it, ” Ye Nuan said.

”First I want to Dark Sky City to see Dark Sky Light Show, second I want to go to Flower Blossom City to see Flower Blossom Garden, and then Capital City, to see 1st, 3rd, 7th princess, and Queen also eat in Sliver Star Restaurant, and I also want to have se- hm, no, for now, this is only things I want to do, but if I want to do something else I will tell you, ” Ye Kai said.

He wanted to ask for sex, but this is not the right time. he will ask later.

Ye Nuan heard and laugh softly, she feels little light and felt her sons last wish is cute.

”You want to see, the 1st, 3rd, 7th princess and Queen, the top beauties of our kingdom, ”

Ye Kai didn get embarrassed and nodded, ”Yes, before I die, I want to see beautiful things, ”

”Okay, but you don want to see Death Tigeress, ” Ye Nuan smiled a little, as she asked.

Ye Kai immediately shake his head, ”No, mother, I want to live as much as I can, ”

Ye Nuan softly laugh, ”Okay, tell me what place you want to go first, we will pack up tomorrow, ”

”No, no, not now, when I say then we will go to all of this city, okay mother? ”

”As you say, ” Ye Nuan said, she lean against Ye Kais shoulder, and hug him with one arm.

”Kaier we will do those things later, but what do you want to do now, do you want to eat something? or want to sleep again, and tell anything you want to do, ” Ye Nuan softly asks.

”Sleep for now, ” Ye Kai said, he decided later he would ask kiss from her.

”Then let me sleep with you while I hug you, ”

”No problem, in fact, I love that, after Minger was born you didn hug me while sleeping, ” Ye Kai said, as they two lay down on the bed, facing each other, they put their one arm to hug each other.

”Well, sorry…but now I will hug you more, ” Ye Nuan says, as she pushes herself toward Ye Kai, and put her head on his chest, she sees his shirt is wet because of her, and her face gets red, remembering how she cries like a little girl, she wish she go back in time and stop herself, but she also feels happy, she told her son, what she was buried in her heart for years, now letting out made her happy, and she is determined to make his wishes true.

”Thats good, ” Ye Kai says, and hugs his mother, as he feels her mothers soft boobs touch him, and her hot breathing flow in his chest

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